How to Rebrand Your Business: Part 2

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Welcome back to the second week of our 5-part series on how to rebrand your business. Each week we will cover a unique and important aspect of the rebranding process. Be sure and catch up on the previous weeks’ posts if you’re just joining us! And now for this week’s critical question…

Who are my customers?

who are my customers

When you first start a business, you have to take an educated guess as to who is most likely to be your core customer base. But after several years in business, your sales may suggest that who you’re targeting is not who is actually buying. It’s important to monitor this data and regularly evaluate whether your current brand is still appealing to your target market.

If you should find, for example, that your brand is designed to appeal to men, but most of your sales are to women, this is one indicator that rebranding…

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Seth’s Blog: The selfish truth about word of mouth (why referrals don’t happen)

Seth’s Blog: The selfish truth about word of mouth (why referrals don’t happen).


The selfish truth about word of mouth (why referrals don’t happen)

Of course you will be eagerly and often referring your friends and neighbors to your dentist, insurance broker, lawn mowing guy and that book you just read.

Actually, not so much.

But I thought you liked it?

How to Rebrand Your Business: Part 1

Boston Metro Marketing:

Great series.

Originally posted on Bennis Public Relations Inc:

You are joining us at the perfect time! We’re just beginning a 5-part series on how to rebrand your business. Whether rebranding is the right answer for your business or not, this is a smart question to ask yourself every so often to ensure you’re managing a healthy brand and taking advantage of every opportunity to improve your business’s image. Let’s get started by asking the most critical question…

Do I need to rebrand?

do i need to rebrand

The answer to this question isn’t always yes. For as many rebranding success stories you’ll find, you can also compare them against the many rebranding fails (take a look at these). Rebranding requires a lot of work and can be a risky move. When you think your business is in need of a complete branding overhaul, carefully weigh the pros against the cons.

People often forget that true branding is not just your logo…

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7 Ways to Radically Increase Your Website Traffic

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iNexxus Digital Marketing Branding AgencyThese days the Internet has become a pretty competitive place.

Especially now, the word is out that social media networks are a great way for businesses to promote their content and newsfeeds are flooded with articles, blogs and photos that no one really wants to read.

So what on earth are internet marketers and website developers supposed to do to get people’s attention? Well, in fact getting more web traffic is not an absolutely hopeless endeavor. Here are the top seven things you can do to inspire web users to click over to your website.

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Marketing Strategy: Turn a Good Cause Into a Competitive Advantage

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Proven by many. It always makes you feel good to contribute to  a good cause.

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The key to gaining an advantage over your competitors could be as simple as adopting a good cause.

marketing strategies for growing a business through cause marketingWhen it comes to ROI on corporate social responsibility, the stats are overwhelming.  A recent survey reveals that just about every type of business would benefit – big time – when it comes to improving marketing ROI if they simply support a good cause. 

A 2013 Cone Communications / Echo Global CSR Study says that consumers want to reward businesses when they make positive contributions to society, saying, that “when companies engage in corporate social responsibility” (or CSR):

  • 95% have a more positive (brand) image of the company
  • 94% are more likely to trust the company
  • 93% would be more loyal to the company
  • 91% would switch brands to one associated with a good cause
  • 87% say CSR is a consideration when deciding where to shop
  • 85% say CSR influences what services…

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5 Resources to Inspire Your Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

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Love your page. Great Advice

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Marketers and graphic designers everywhere are putting the finishing touches on their Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns. Here are five resources that can help. 

valentines day marketing resources

From love-inspired design to graphics and fonts, the Valentine’s Day marketing ideas your business puts into action in the weeks ahead could help boost revenues – that is – it can help boost revenues if you do what it takes to get the attention of your target audiences, woo them and win their business.

Marketers must switch gears and get Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns moving just as the busy holiday season winds to a close, and there’s only a few weeks to go. Why work so hard on such a short campaign?

Love is serious business; after all, more than 50 percent of women say they would end a relationship if they didn’t receive a Valentine’s Day gift (  For the 62 percent of consumers…

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3 Marketing Ideas for Estheticians that Want to Succeed in 2015 – It’s All In Here!

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marketing ideas for estheticiansMost estheticians need to think like business owners, especially when it comes to marketing. The 2015 Marketing Calendar for Independent Beauty Pros is an ideal tool for estheticians, and can provide the inspiration for marketing ideas that can help fill the books. Here’s why.

Estheticians that work more or less independently within a salon, work on their own as an independent beauty professional or even work within a commissioned salon all have one thing in common: They need marketing ideas that can help them build a client base, engender client loyalty and promote word of mouth and referrals among their followers.

The 2015 Marketing Calendar for Beauty Professionals is the esthetician marketing guide that can make that happen! In it, you will find:

  • A marketing plan laid out for you on paper with ideas for every day of the year
  • Marketing guidance and content ideas that will help attract local…

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